Veröffentlichung: Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning

Ausgewählte Vorträge der AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Konferenz 2014 im niederländsichen Leeuwardens sind jetzt als Veröffentlichung erschienen. Der Band „Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning“ ist bei Routledge erschienen.

“The main emphasis is on the latest research and thinking on spatial planning and design, showing how urban agriculture provides opportunities to develop and enhance the spatial quality of urban environments. Chapters address various topics such as a new theoretical model for understanding urban agriculture, how urban agriculture contributes to restoring our connections to nature, and the limitations of the garden city concept to food security. Case studies are included from several European countries, including Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the UK, as well as Australia, Canada, Cameroon, Ethiopia and the United States (New York and Los Angeles).”

Buch: Rob Roggema (Hg. 2014): Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning. Oxon.