USA: 22 Stadtverwaltungen mit Experten für kommunale Ernährungspolitik

Das Magazin CivilEats berichtet, das immer mehr US-Städte das Thema Ernährung ganzheitlich betrachten und angehen. 22 Städte hätten in der Verwaltung Stellen eingerichten, die sich ausschließlich um die kommunale Ernährungspolitik kümmern.

„Until recently, the many disparate elements of the food system – from production to land prices, to local distribution challenges, to zoning hurdles for retailers – have often been viewed in isolation. But as more of these positions appear, it may be a sign that cities are beginning to see food in a new holistic light. The specifics of the food policy positions vary from city to city, with most focused on (and housed in the office of) sustainability or health, while others, as in Denver, are using food as a tool for economic development, and vice versa. The underlying force, though, is the same: Cities are recognizing the chronic health and economic challenges that persist in communities with little access to healthy food, and the fact that local government can play a role in improving the food environment – through policy that impacts everything from land use to transit.“