PhD-Workshop zu Sustainable Food Planning

Die Doktoranten-Gruppe der AESOP „Sustainable Food Planning Group“ veranstaltet vom 23. bis 24. März 2017 einen PhD-Workshop in Berlin. Das Thema der zweitägigen Veranstaltung: „Making, Measuring, and Rethinking Sustainable Food Systems“. Die einleitende Keynote wird Katrin Bohn halten.

„Sustainable food planning is gaining attention and relevanceamong urban planners, landscape architects, policy makersand researchers around the world. As many successfulworldwide approaches have already demonstrated, theintegration of food issues into the policy and planning agendahas the potential to improve urban livelihood, design resilient cities and fulfil multiple social, ecological and economical functions. We think that young professionals and PhDsstudents have a major role to play in such renewal ofplanning practices and thinking.“

Der Workshop ist kostenlos. Weitergehende Informationen per Dropbox-Download: Program | Registration form | Short paper template