Open-Acces-Veröffentlichung: Sustainable Food System Assessment

Alison Blay-Palmer ist einer der Herausgeberinnen des neuen Open-Access-Buches Sustainable Food System Assessment. Das Buch, das Forschungsergebnisse aus dem globalen Norden und Süden zusammenführt, tauscht Erfahrungen aus, untersucht geplante und tatsächliche Projektergebnisse.

„Interest in assessing food system sustainability is growing, as evidenced by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and the importance food systems initiatives have taken in serving as a lever for attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This book opens by looking at the conceptual considerations of food systems indicators, including the place-based dimensions of food systems indicators and how measurements are implicated in sense-making and visioning processes. Chapters in the second part cover operationalizing metrics, including the development of food systems indicator frameworks, degrees of indicator complexities, and practical constraints to assessment. The final part focuses on the outcomes of assessment projects, including impacts on food policy and communities involved, highlighting the importance of building connections between sustainable food systems initiatives.“