FAO: Integrating Food into Planning

Experten der FAO haben sich in der globalen Perspektive damit beschäftigt, wie Ernährung in die Stadtplanung integriert werden kann. Das daraus entstandene Buch „Integrating Food into Planning“ gibt es als kostenlosen Download.

„Improved access to and utilisation of food is essential to current and future generations. With cities at the centre of our civilisation, it will become increasingly critical for food to be centrally reflected in the planning of urban areas. It is hoped that this publication will motivate city officials and their technical teams, urban planners and related professionals to view food as central to a truly systemic approach, and to contribute to the understanding of the different factors involved in the inclusion of food in all urban planning efforts.“
Beispiele von Mailand bis New York, von Hangzhou bis Belo Horizonte illustrieren die Aufgaben und Lösungen.