Nachdem im Herbst 2010 die AESOP Food Planning Conference in Brighton Station gemacht hat, zieht sie 2011 nur ein Stückchen weiter nach Cardiff. Vom 28. bis 29. Oktober wird die Konferenz „Food Planning and Sustainable Places” von der Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning ausgerichtet.

Fashioning a sustainable food system is one of the most compelling challenges of the 21st century. Because of its multi-functional character, food is an ideal medium through which to design sustainable places, be they urban , rural or peri-urban places. For all these reasons, food planning is now bringing people together from a diverse range of backgrounds, including planners, policy-makers, politicians, designers, health professionals, environmentalists, farmers, food businesses, and civil society activists among many others

Vorschläge für Vorträge und Poster können bis zum 31. Juli an geschickt werden.