Brexit als Chance für eine gerechtere Ernährungspolitik?

Der Brexit erfordert in Großbritannien einen Neustart in der Agrarpolitik: von der Gmeinsamen europäischen Agrarpolitik zur nationalen Landwirtschaftpolitik. Ein breites Bündnis von Organisationen möchten diesen Neuanfang für eine demokratischere, nachhaltigere Politik nutzen und hat jetzt die Grundzüge einer People’s Food Policy veröffentlicht.

„To see real and significant shifts in the way our food system operates, we need to drastically change the way that food governance takes place. A People’s Food Policy aims to map out what an integrated food policy would look like if people were put at the heart of decision-making. A growing group of people from different civil society organisations, unions and community groups working across the food system have come together to develop the ideas and positions in this document.
Brexit represents an opportunity to create a food policy that is visionary, progressive and guarantees that everyone in this country is able to realise, without restriction, our right to food. Over the coming years, all of our economic and agricultural policies that were previously subject to European Union (EU) law will need to be revisited and rewritten. This is an enormous task and there are calls now from all corners of our food system to develop food policies and governance structures that are coherent, complementary and protect our food system and food cultures.“