AESOP-Food-Planning-Konferenz 2019 in Madrid

Im November 2019 trifft sich die Arbeitsgruppe „Sustainable Food Planning“ der AESOP (Vereinigung Europäischer Planungsuniversitäten) in Madrid. Thema der Konferenz ist „Agroecological transitions confronting climate breakdown: Food planning for the post-carbon city“.

„We invite you to discuss in which ways planning instruments and processes are levers of the required public support towards territorialized food systems, diversified agroecological production, local logistic and retail infrastructures, adapted technologies and new organization of an envisioned close-loop cycle of food production, and consumption. Is resilience a concept strong enough to face the ecological crisis or a more radical approach is needed? Are we talking about impacting unequal power relations and distributions of resources? About placing farming/primary sector at a central position in economy? About placing the rural world at a central position in food planning? Or about self contained city, frugal urbanity, city-region’s self-reliance and austerity?“

Der Call of Papers ist veröffentlicht.